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Live FusedTM is a technology-focused executive coaching and development company dedicated to helping CEOs, business owners, executives and their employees reduce stress and live happier lives.  This is accomplished not at the expense of business goals, but rather in support of them.  Rooted in both science and psychology, our simple yet effective platform creates a merged strategic business plan that puts personal goals at its center and allows business objectives to support a more productive and healthier life. Our platform is offered through Vistage® peer boards, coaching, technology, training and our  Community TrianglesTM for women.

The core of the Live Fused platform is detailed in Start With You: How Badass Executives are Transforming their Lives (and Businesses) in Just 12 Quarters written by Live Fused founder, Peter C. Fuller.

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Executive coaching and development. How executive are transforming their lives (and businesses) in just 12 Quarters.

Vistage® Peer Boards using the Live Fused Platform

Peter Fuller - Executive Coaching. San Fransisco and Indianapolis

Vistage is the world’s most exclusive group of executive peer boards. They exist to help high-integrity leaders make great decisions that benefit their companies, families and communities. Peter Fuller, Live Fused founder is a Vistage Chair in Indianapolis and was a Vistage Rookie of the Year in 2015. His boards use the Live Fused Strategic Planning Platform and are holding each other accountable to achieving their three year outcomes. To join his peer group in Indianapolis or find other Vistage chairs around the world who are using the Live Fused Platform in their practice,

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Executive & Team Coaching

Live Fused provides Adaptive Leadership CoachingTM based on the 12-Quarter life and business strategic planning platform developed by entrepreneur and coach, Peter C. Fuller. CEOs, business owners and their teams accelerate their personal, professional and business growth within a fast-paced accountability-driven coaching method that drives leadership, fosters team cohesion, employee retention, and conflict resolution.
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Executive Coaching and Development San Fransisco and Indianapolis

Technology for Teams and Coaches

Live Fused is a technology-focused company that has created both peer group and coaching practice management ERP systems for use in companies and by private practice coaches and peer group leaders. We continue to develop our technology and will soon be releasing a 12-Quarter strategic planning and accountability app. Learn More




Vistage® International Chairs: Learn how the Live Fused strategic planning and technology platforms complement your MyVistage experience, help increase retention and can change the way you recruit members.

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The Live Fused platform can be a powerful game changer in your company. We’ll train your staff on the philosophy and psychology behind the Live Fused platform so they can act as a Live Fused Ambassador within your company, providing basic guidance and program facilitation.

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It was Socrates who advised us to “know thyself” and that’s exactly what assessments help us accomplish. As core to our coaching programs, we offer DISC®, Enneagram®, and Culture Index®* assessments that help you transform while executing your Live Fused 12-Quarter strategic plan.

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Live Fused Strategic Plan - Executive Coaching and Development