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What is an Outcome-Based Business?

Outcome-based business management focuses on driving activities that are designed to generate a desired outcome. An outcome is not “more revenue.” Increased revenue is a byproduct of the achievement, not the achievement itself. At Live Fused, we’ve taken outcome-based management and simplified it into a coaching system (and soon to be SaaS) that helps you, as the CEO or business owner, define the outcome you want for you life, profession and business and then convert that vision into actionable, measurable goals, milestones and even KPIs that will drive your company. When the outcome guides the plan, everything from employee management to customer relationships can be transformed and completely aligned. Stay tuned for our SaaS– (“I” for intelligence)–a proactive business intelligence system for outcome-based small to medium size companies.


Live Fused Integrated Operating System (LFIOS) focuses CEOs on the Seven Business Drivers that help them (and their teams) get what they want for their life and the business they’re building together. Based on proven techniques from some of the world’s top business leaders and psychology, LFIOS is a set of tools that integrate work with life to create a culture of accountability that drives revenue and increases engagement.

7 Key Growth Drivers We Check


Strategic Team



Investors & Creditors



LFIOS Accelerates Growth and Transforms Culture

LFIOS quickly accelerates growth and transforms culture simultaneously by:

Elevating personal and professional motivations to the level of other key corporate drivers.

Using the seven business drivers to create a common framework within which to develop and communicate KPIs.

Creating a common language for effecient, non-judgmental communication of company objectives.

Building a measurable 12-quarter strategic plan that is broken into twelve 90-day sprints and monthly accountabilities.

Using the common language to create culture of accountability that maps into employee reviews. Those who thrive in this culture stay; those who don’t are easily moved out.

LFIOS is designed and proven to span generational gaps in today’s workforce, creating one team of baby boomers, gen Xers and millennials.


Personalized Coaching

Executive coaching can get you started with the LFIOS. Confidential conversations will explore limiting beliefs, align your “why” with your “what” and create a 12-quarter strategic accountability plan that you will work with your coach. The plan is then taken to your executive team and into your company.

Team Coaching

Team coaching begins by helping the team get to know themselves and each other through a robust dialog based on resutls from Enneagram and Predictive Index assessments. From there, we use all the tools of LFIOS, including the Outcome Statement, 90-Sprint, One Page Integrated Plan, Monthly Check-In, Stand-Up meeting forms and agendas, the CHARP communication tool and the CARVER prioritization method. Teams will learn how to hold each other accountable to achieving their objectives and communicating with judgment free, clear language.

Mastery Groups

Mastery groups are lead by a Live Fused certified coach and use many components of LFIOS together to keep each other accountable to driving their personal and business objectives.

Strategic Planning Workshop–ESPN Style

Experience the intense strategic planning seminar that helped a division of ESPN unify its executive team and create a strong, measurable plan for the year. In this 2-day workshop you will eliminate limiting beliefs, formulate a fully integrated outcome for your business and life, build twelve 90-Day sprints, and more. You’ll walk away with a clear, measurable set of bold objectives that will inspire you and your company.

Start With You

The first key business driver of LFIOS is you. This fast-paced book introduces you to a new way of thinking, managing and communicating. As the primer of LFIOS, it gives you the context necessary to begin getting control of your company.

Even if you don’t end up implementing LFIOS, this book gives you a powerful new communication tool that eliminates judgmental language and fosters a more accurate, free-flow of information from everyone in the company.

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