8/6 Elite Membership Application - Live Fused

8/6 Elite Membership Application

8/6 Elite is a Members-Only Club for Business Owners and CEOs focused on building sustainable companies with progressive cultures that emphasize accountability and the integration of work and life. Members are growth-oriented and subscribe to a “work hard, play hard” mentality of goal setting and achievement.

To be considered, prospective members must:

  • Be vulnerable and willing to share their financial statements with other members.
  • Agree to sign a confidentiality statement.
  • Attend a minimum of 6/8 meetings.
  • Accept accountability to themselves and others for doing whatever they commit to do.
  • Join the others on an annual strategic planning off-site.
  • Proactively meet with other members between club meetings.
  • Pay all dues on time.
  • Run a company with at least $10 MM in revenue and 15 employees. Special exemptions are considered for financial companies that manage at least $1 billion in assets.
  • Have a growth-oriented mindset for themselves and their company.
  • Be generous with your contact database for other members.

8/6 Elite Members enjoy the following fringe benefits:

  • Discounts on over 500 luxury hotels.*
  • Private jet access in certain locations.*
  • Up to $10,000 off on select luxury brand automobiles.*
  • Shopping and travel benefits, such as CLEAR access and Hertz President’s Circle.*
  • One night of lodging during the annual retreat.
  • Special nationally known guest speakers.
  • Catered breakfast and lunch at every meeting.
  • Individual use of LFIOS, the platform used by club members.
  • Access to club members for help in solving problems.
  • Placement into a forum eight other members.
  • Executive business coaching, upon request.

*Through our relationship with The Founder’s Card. Benefits subject to change.

Become a Member

To make sure the word “elite” always has meaning for this club, membership is a multi-step process.

  • Complete the membership application below.
  • Meet with Peter Fuller, president of Live Fused for a 90-minute in-person interview.
  • Meet with (2) club members individually.
  • Attend a club meeting.
  • Be approved by members.