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Are You Beating the GHDL?

Are You Beating the GHDL?

I’m declaring 2019 to be the year that Ground Hog Day comes to an end! I’m tired of it, my clients are tired of it and I’m guessing the rest of the world is, as well.

Okay—I’m not talking about the literal Ground Hog Day, where a groundhog pops out of its den and either sees or doesn’t see its shadow. I’m talking about the movie, Ground Hog Day, where the same day is repeated until the main character, played by Bill Murray, learns his lesson.

Many of us are living our own versions of Ground Hog Day. We wake up to the same problems every day. Rather than trying something new to eliminate them, we pull from the same bag of tricks and hope for different results.

Several “Ground Hog Days” can exist simultaneously. For instance—

  1. Problem employees: how much time are you investing trying to get a management team member or employee to do what it is they’re supposed to do? At one point will it become clear that you’re in a Ground Hog Day Loop (GHDL). and that the only way to solve the problem is to let the person in question go?
  2. Routines: It’s hard to break a routine. Very hard. Routines can be mini Ground Hog Days, too. If you’re trying to get in shape and expect the time for exercise to somehow materialize in your existing routine, then you’re in the GHDL.
  3. New business development: If your current sales strategy isn’t producing growth, then don’t do more of it; try something new.

Take a moment and think about the GHDLs you may have in your life right now. Consider your management team, partners, employees, routines, sales motion, family life, etc. What loops did you discover? Now, on a separate piece of paper draw a circle and keep drawing it over and over again on top of itself. After about five loops on the same circle, have your hand break free from the pattern. Just let it shoot away from the monotony of the going round and round.

The only way to free yourself from a GHDL is to take a baby step to break the loop. What baby step can you take? Can you let the employee go? Change your routine?

Before this year gets away, determine to identify the loops in your life and business and break from the unhealthy ones.

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