DISC® Personality Tests and Behavioral Assessments

It was Socrates who advised us to “know thyself” and that’s exactly what assessments help us accomplish.  As core to our coaching programs, we offer DISC®, Enneagram®, and Culture Index®* assessments that help you transform while executing your Live Fused 12-Quarter strategic plan.

*Culture Index ® provided by a third-party partner.


Peter C Fuller, DISC personality tests and assessments

Peter C Fuller, Enneagram Personality Assessments

The Enneagram is an ancient body of wisdom that identifies nine primary personality types. While many other personality assessment technologies exist, I find the Enneagram to be the most accessible tool and one that is highly accurate and incredibly deep. I use this tool in my own coaching practice and with my peer boards. I also frequently refer to my own Enneagram type so that I am aware of my own inherit personality traits and can thus attempt to improve the way I “show up” in any life situation.


The DISC is a behavioral assessment that helps us identity the way we will behave in certain situations. Behavior is linked to personality, but unlike our personality which does not change, our behaviors can change. Becoming aware of who we are can help transform our ability to operate, build teams and live a more rewarding life.

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