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Business Driver #2: Your Leadership Team

Business Driver #2 (of 7): Your Executive Team

In the last blog, we discussed the first and most crucial business driver: You.

Whether you are the CEO, management team member, employee or sole proprietor, if you aren’t healthy mentally, physically and spiritually, the business won’t be either. Part of your mental health is to have a very solid vision of your future and your company’s. Without that vision, the Bible says, your people—and you—will perish. With a vision, mountains can be moved.

Your health and vision fuel the second most important driver: Your executive team.  If your executive team is healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and has taken ownership of your vision, then your company will also be more likely to excel.

Here are a few ideas to help your management team stay healthy and aligned:

  1. Hold a 60-minute meeting with your executive team each week.
  2. Have your executive team meet for a 20-minute huddle once per week. Rotate leadership of this meeting among your team members.
  3. Take one team member to lunch each week for an individual 1:1.
  4. Get to know the personal ambitions of your team so you can continue to align them with your business goals.
  5. Make sure that your management team knows your vision, can articulate it and—most importantly—believes it.
  6. When conflict arises among management team members, solve it within the entire group. This may sound radical, but vulnerability fosters growth.  Secrets and sidebar problems create rifts and fissures within a team’s stability. Train the team to work through issues with each other, together.

These six tips will help drive a fully functional and loyal team that will grow with your company and be able to operate it for you one day. They will also pass this stability and vision on to the third driver, your employees.

We’ll cover employees in the next issue.

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