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The Live Fused platform provides Adaptive Leadership Coaching™ based on the 12-Quarter life and business strategic planning platform developed by entrepreneur and coach, Peter C. Fuller. CEOs, business owners and their teams accelerate their personal, professional and business growth within a fast-paced accountability-driven coaching method that drives leadership, fosters team cohesion, employee retention and conflict resolution.

Within the first four weeks of your Live Fused experience, you will have a complete 12-Quarter plan for your life and business. Your life plan will bend around your business plan, note the other way around, and you will be crafting a month-to-month strategy for creating the life you desire to live. Unlike other coaching programs and systems that ask clients seemingly unlimited open-ended questions and can lead to a what feels like never-ending engagement, the Live Fused platform has a distinct beginning and end, in between which your transformation occurs.

We combine strategic business planning, life planning, coaching and activity-driven accountability into one program with clear deliverables and measurable return on investment. Our clients have called our program a “life accelerator.” We’re sure you’ll think the same.

Here are just a few of the outcomes you and your teams will realize using the Live Fused platform:

  • Discover your motivations
  • Define work-life balance
  • Live with intention
  • Strengthen your weaknesses
  • Hone your strengths
  • Never miss another important family activity again
  • Reduce conflict and increase trust
  • Achieve greater alignment
  • Boost accountability
  • Increase creativity
  • Accelerate revenue and profitability

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