Executive or Life Coach Experience

You love coaching and seeing your clients succeed. It's what you do best. Yet, there are at least three things about your practice you probably DON’T LIKE:

Growing Your Practice Reducing Your Attrition Rates Completing the Administrative Work

Designed by coaches for coaches, Live Fused for coaches tackles those three challenges while giving your practice a cutting-edge advantage over others.

Live Fused is both a coaching system and online platform designed by coaches, for coaches. Based on the principles detailed in Start With You: How Badass Executives are Transforming Their Lives (and Businesses) in Just 12 Quarters, the Live Fused coaching system is a unique strategic planning process designed to help you lead the client into creating a balanced life and thriving business. The online platform includes the strategic planning system in online and PDF formats along with key features to increase client communication and reduce your administrative workload.


Live Fused Platform for Balanced Living

The Live Fused coaching system sets the stage for a 3-year coach and client journey. Live Fused helps you and your client define how they want their life to be lived in just 12 quarters and then gives you both the tools to make that plan happen. Along the journey, you’ll help your client overcome challenges, transform themselves, overcome limiting beliefs, become better managers, parents, spouses and much more. Founded, in part, by principles of Gestalt therapy.

It’s a platform, not a rigid system. You, the coach, are unique in your skill set—just like the coaches who developed this system—and the Live Fused system doesn’t insert any set methodology. That’s your expertise. It is simply a process that allows the client to move forward, gain results, and gradually transform.

Because Live Fused spans three years and lets your clients see real results and ROI from your coaching, you’re likely going to reduce your attrition rates.

Live Fused Coaching System


Live Fused Client Portal

Your clients will have their own portals that you can
administer. Invite your clients to join your practice, assign them homework, let them store their documents and join a community you create for your practice. From this portal, they’ll be able to message you, complete surveys, schedule meetings and more. An always on connection back to you helps retention and gives your practice an edge over others.

Business Growth

Live Fused will market directly to people all over the world who desire meaningful change in their lives. From working mothers who want to transition out of a cubical to become entrepreneurs, to current business owners and for anyone else, our self-service community will attract thousands of like-minded people. Live Fused will assist in pairing potential clients with certified coaches; in other words, we’ll bring you the clients you will love to have.


The Live Fused coaches portal includes

 Robust calendaring functions that allow you to manage your appointments and homework you may assign the client from one, easy-to-use calendar with a feed that imports into Office 365, Google Calendar or iCal calendars.

Five Levels of Messaging


  • Practice-wide notifications allow you to send a single message to all your clients that will appear as a banner in your clients personal portals.
  • In-practice e-mail messaging allows you to send and receive e-mails directly inside the Live Fused system. This allows you to send confidential notes to the client through the portal, avoiding the client’s general e-mail box. The client receives a notification that a new message is waiting for them, but nothing more.
  • One-way text messaging. Send a text message directly to your clients or groups at one time. This feature is great for meeting reminders or other information that you want to make sure your client or clients receive.
  • Newsletter distribution allows you to create and send your own newsletter to your clients.
  • Discussion forums let you post topics and have your clients respond.

CalendaringCommunity engagement functionality allows you to put clients together into accountability groups.

Storage Document. Store documents on the Live Fused system or link your own cloud storage account directly to your portal for easy access.

Billing. This optional feature allows you to use bill your clients one-time or recurring fees through the Live Fused backend. Minor processing fees will be charged.

Customization and web site linking. You will be able to have a direct link to your own web site from the Live Fused site. A unique URL allows your clients to log-in directly to the Live Fused backend from your own website. Minimum customization of the Live Fused portal is also available for an additional minor charge.

Ready to Join?

To join the Live Fused for coaches network and have access to all of these features (and more to come), you’ll need to complete this simple process.

1- Create an account.

Since we are in beta, we will be opening and closing enrollment every 90 days. The first enrollment begins October 1, 2017 and be open to the first 100 coaches and their clients. As soon as 100 coaches are in the system, enrollment will end and not re-open for three months. If you miss any enrollment, you’ll be automatically assigned into the next enrollment period.

2- Pay the first month’s fee.

When you sign up, you will get two months free and then be charged a small $50 per month subscription during the beta period, with the ability to cancel anytime. As a benefit to being among the first 500 coaches to use LiveFused, you’ll be locked into $50 per months for 12 months.

3- Take the short, online course.

Our short course will expose you to the Live Fused platform and principles behind Live Fused.You’ll learn about the psychology behind the 12-quarter strategic planning features and receive a Live Fused certified button to place on your own web site. This is not required to use the practice administrative features, just the strategic planning process.

4- Have a quick phone interview.

Because we’ll eventually be sending clients your way, we want to make sure that you know what you’re doing and are a professional coach. The coaching industry is not regulated or standardized so we need to make sure that you meet the standards for being a Live Fused coach.

Don’t hesitate, there’s nothing to lose by joining our beta program and so much to gain! You’ll Get:

  • Access to the Live Fused Coach portal.
  • A Live Fused profile page that can link directly to your own web site, customization options and a unique log-in URL that allows your clients to log-in to Live Fused from your web site.
  • Unlimited number of client licenses –add as many clients as you want.
  • Use of the Live Fused strategic planning curriculum, materials and book.
  • The Live Fused certified badge to place your site.
  • Free customer support.

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