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After spending two decades in the workforce (half of them in Silicon Valley) building more than a dozen companies, two industry associations, one non-profit and raising $60 million along the way, I realized something was lacking in my life: Intention.  Intention is the motive that answers the question: “why am I doing this and to what end?”


Without intention, it is easy to get completely immersed your company and lose yourself and your purpose in the process. Not only did this happen to me when I was running and growing my businesses, I saw it happening to the executives I coached.


Not surprisingly, their years spent building their companies had chipped away at their original dreams. By the time they hired me, the hardest question for many of them to answer was: “what is it you want in 3 years?” Apart from the standard business answers of “higher revenue growth, better cash flow, less turnover,” few could answer that simple question quickly. They had become completely immersed in the business.


They were working for the business; it wasn’t working for them.


Almost every business leader I coach has a 12-month or longer plan and a set of goals for the company. These plans almost always insure against the executive being able to feel in control of their lives. The bigger the plans, the more time needs to be spent pushing the objectives forward. This vicious cycle continues unabated because a system to break the cycle while meeting business objectives isn’t readily available on the market.


And so I created one–for myself and those I coach. My program is called Live Fused and you can read about it in my book (highlighted below). In short, Live Fused is unique to coaching for several reasons:


  1. It starts with you. What is the life you want to live? There’s no judgment involved in this question. If you want to live off the grid (a real objective of one of the executives I coach), let’s put a plan together to get you there.
  2. It focuses on a 12-Quarter period of time. According to various scientific proofs explained in my book, three years is the span of time our mind can easily grasp and believe it can influence.
  3. It provides a strategic planning platform that bends your business around your personal and professional goals. Gradually, over the space of 12 quarters, you will transform your life to one that has you back in control.
  4. The platform becomes a mirror. As you work to build your vision in three years, you’ll encounter obstacles to achieving it. Most often, you will be the obstacle. It is amazing how our human propensity to sabotage ourself becomes clearly evident when working through our own plans with a coach as an objective third party. Together, we’ll explore areas of personal and leadership growth that will gradually transform your business, relationships, and life.


My coaching is based on science

My Live Fused coaching program guides and supports your quest for balance–however you define it– where your purpose, your dreams and your family actually CAN have as much time and attention as you desire. Live Fused (TM) combines proven Adaptive Leadership Coaching techniques, NLP (neurolinguistics programming), a framework of non-judgmental communication and the power of coach and/or peer accountability to support your efforts to create the life you want to live. My proven process has helped dozens of CEO’s and presidents take back control of their lives and accomplish both personal and professional goals that they never thought possible. While building and balancing the life you want, we’ll also transform your leadership style and capabilities.


90 Minute SKYPE Intensive with me

Whether you start with 90-minute SKYPE intensive, or commit to either a 90 or 360-day program, or jump with both feet and enroll in the 12 quarter sprint (recommend only for those serious about making deep and lasting life change), the Live Fused® program is life-changing. Here is just a sampling of praise for the program.

Work With Me

I have created five packages tailored specifically for each need. Get started with a 90-minute call or select 90-days, 6-months or 12-months of coaching and support. I can also take you through the entire 90-day process in one intensive day. Whatever your level of support is, I can help you achieve YOUR version of success.

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Live Fused System

The Live Fused coaching program starts with you. The first step is for you to determine the outcome you want to achieve in 12 quarters, plan how to get there and then start moving. Coaching occurs during that first step and then follows along your path with you.

As issues arise, I’ll help you explore them and highlight areas of professional and personal leadership growth that may become evident. We’ll explore limiting beliefs, agreements, communication skills, and more as they arise along your path to creating the fused personal and business outcomes you desire.

“I’ve had many executive coaches in the past and absolutely love the Live Fused system,” said Jennifer, a CEO of a marketing agency in New York. “Others seemed directionless or too prescriptive. This one is about me and pushing me to create the personal and business life I want to live. I’ve learned so much about myself in the process.”

I encourage you to give me a call and/or buy my book. The book is actually your first assignment in the coaching program and can give you a good idea of how we’ll work together.

The Transformative Strategic Planning Guide that Starts With You.

If you purchase a coaching program, you’ll get the book for free. If you’d like to start with the book first, you can order it here.

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