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The First Business Driver: You

Business Driver #1 (of 7):  You

There are many different components to making a business work. That business could be a company, your household or your profession. For purposes of this article and the entire series on the Seven Business Drivers, we’re going to use a typical business as the example.

That said, here are the seven most important aspects—in order—to driving business success. I’m guessing some of these or at least the order of them will surprise you.

  1. Driver 1: You
  2. Driver 2: Your executive team
  3. Driver 3: Your employees
  4. Driver 4: Your customers
  5. Driver 5: Your investors
  6. Driver 6: Cash
  7. Driver 7: Growth

The first and most important driver is YOU. If you aren’t healthy, aligned or in balance, don’t expect your executive team or employees to be. Your customers and then investors will suffer, and cash problems and growth challenges will soon follow.

You are culture. As the CEO or business owner, you set the culture and culture is king, not cash. In a white-hot economy, employees are more likely to leave companies with culture issues than those that have a great atmosphere that allows them to feel seen, heard and appreciated. More money is secondary to a great experience.

Think about this for a minute today. Are you healthy, happy, in shape, mentally aware, emotionally stable, eager for each new day, and embracing challenges with grace and fortitude?  How are you driving your company?

I’ll be covering this first driver at length in future newsletters. Until then, don’t forget: it all Starts with You.

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