Corporate Training

The Live Fused platform can be a powerful game changer in your company. We’ll train your staff on the philosophy and psychology behind the Live Fused platform so they can act as a Live Fused Ambassador within your company, providing basic guidance and program facilitation.

A Live Fused professional will guide the CEO or business owner and their executive team through creating their 12-quarter plans. Once completed, the business aspects of those plans can be shared among the remaining staff, who can then create their own plans which map to the overall company goals. At this stage, we train a company employee to become a Live Fused Ambassador. Working with a certified Live Fused Coach, the Ambassador will guide the rest of the company through the process

Live Fused Ambassador will learn:

  • The basic psychology of how the Live Fused system works
  • Philosophies governing the creation of the Outcome Statement
  • How to use the 12-Quarter planning documents
  • How to facilitate internal team accountability meetings
  • Ways to measure results, encourage or correct employee behavior

Live Fused Ambassadors will not learn how to become an executive coach or how to use the system to foster individual transformation.