About  Live Fused, Inc.

Based on the science and psychology of work and life balance, Live Fused is a life acceleration platform which allows people to realize both their personal and professional passions through 12-quarter sprints.


Through our partnerships with executive and life coaches and augmented intelligent system engagement, the Live Fused system helps people achieve their dreams. Designed at first for CEOs and business owners who often struggle with work/life balance, the Live Fused platform and network is now available to anyone who desires a life change.  All that is required is the willingness to craft a bold vision of your ideal life and then take the small steps every day, month, quarter and year in order to make your vision a reality.


Our Vision

Our vision is that millions of people work together in a global ecosystem to help each other achieve their passions and realize their dreams.  Sadly, the reality today is that too many people have succumbed to letting the routineness of life become their “life”.  Their passions and true-life purpose are often pushed aside in exchange for the mundane, repetitive and distracting tasks they feel they must do every day simply to maintain their lives, lives which have ceased to bring them deep and meaningful joy.  The Live Fused platform and network is designed specifically to address this problem and provides the framework and support needed to help people lift themselves out of the mundane and into the magnificent.


Our Mission

As personal passions and creativity are being deprioritized by so many, society as a whole is missing out on inventions, philosophies, cures, art, literature and more that could greatly benefit communities and nations.  All of this simply because people lack a framework which enables and encourages these outcomes.  By creating a platform that supports the individual’s passions and goals, Live Fused is enabling these ideas to be born into the reality of the global community.


Our mission, therefore, is to use technology to augment and accelerate life passions. Intelligent Circles, Augmented Accountability Partners, Dynamic Coaching and more are just a few of the new features Live Fused will bring to market to help you –and everyone else—achieve your dreams.


By doing this, Live Fused will become the world’s most indispensable network.