Welcome, Vistage Chairs, to the Live Fused peer coaching platform!



As a Vistage Chair and Rookie of the Year in 2015, I rely heavily on the MyVistage portal to run my practice. The Live Fused(TM) coaching peer coaching platform is designed to complement MyVistage in your practice and not replace it.

The platform includes two primary components:

1- Online and mobile platform.
2- Strategic Planning platform and materials that encourages a three year, 12-quarter journey member journey.

3-Best practices group with other Vistage Chairs using the strategic planning platform and online system.



Both components work together to increase member retention and Vistage ROI while boosting peer group communication and lowering your administrative work.


Live Fused wasn’t developed in a vacuum–the strategic planning system was co-developed and honed by Vistage members of my own peer groups. Even many of the technology system requirements for the platform were requested from within my membership.

Let’s take a look at how the Live Fused —platform may help your Vistage practice

Live Fused Strategic Planning System

Live Fused aligns with Vistage principles and Gestalt theory to put the member first, not the coach or chair. You, the chair, get to act as the Smart Guide by holding members or using the peer board to hold members accountable for doing what they said they would do. It’s a judgment-free system–all the way down to the language used for group check-ins.


Other coaching systems put the author of that particular system in the driver’s seat by encouraging readers to follow a certain path for living, goal achievement or transformation.  With Live Fused, the only author is your member and what they choose to create is aided by materials, your leadership and group accountability.


Live Fused materials help you and your members define how they want their life to be lived in just 12 quarters and includes the tools to make that plan happen. Along the journey, your members will help each other identify and overcome limiting beliefs, learn a new judgment-free way to communicate (co-developed with Vistage members), and accomplish their goals, quarter-by-quarter.


Materials include a new, judgment-free check in process I’ve used successfully in my groups and even a way to create a fun and rewarding game with your members.


You can read all about the methodology in my book, Start With You: How Badass Executives are Transforming Their Lives (and Businesses) in Just 12 Quarters


The book is packed with case studies of Vistage members who have succeeded using the Live Fused process, workbook and check-in forms.

Live Fused Technology Platform

The Live Fused technology platform is currently in beta. Designed to help complement MyVistage and help manage executive coaching practices, the platform includes the most important features needed to help your practice. The platform includes a Chair Portal and Member Portal.


Neither portal is designed to replace the MyVistage experience. MyVistage includes networks, billing, resources and other features that the Live Fused portal does not. Live Fused is really designed enhance communication and make the strategic planning process easier, more accessible and more accountable to your members while driving member retention.

Live Fused Chair Portal Features


Robust calendaring functions that allow you to manage your appointments and homework you may assign the client from one, easy-to-use calendar with a feed that imports into Office 365, Google Calendar or iCal calendars

Five Level of Messaging

  • Practice-wide notifications allow you to send a single message to all your clients that will appear as a banner in your clients personal portals.
  • In-practice e-mail messaging allows you to send and receive e-mails directly inside the Live Fused system. This allows you to send confidential notes to the client through the portal, avoiding the client’s general e-mail box. The client receives a notification that a new message is waiting for them, but nothing more.
  • Text messaging lets you send a text message directly to your client from the Chair portal.
  • Newsletter distribution allows you to create and send your own newsletter to your clients.
  • Discussion forums let you post topics and have your clients respond.

 Peer Engagement

Community engagement functionality allows you to put your members together into accountability groups.


Document storage. Store documents on the Live Fused system or link your own cloud storage account directly to your portal for easy access.

Video Conferencing 

Other features being added to the platform soon include video conferencing and billing (for your non-Vistage clients).


Mobile App

Many of these features are also available through our Mobile App. The benefits of the app is that your members will always have their Vistage information, appointments, board schedules and Live Fused strategic planning documents with them. Additionally, push notifications help you avoid e-mail and communicate more effectively with your membership.

Ready to Try it?

To join the Live Fused for coaches network and have access to all of these features (and more to come), you’ll need to complete this simple process.

1- Create an account.

Since we are in beta, we will be opening and closing enrollment every 90 days. The first enrollment begins September 1, 2017 and be open a select number of coaches and chairs and their members/clients. As soon as enough chairs are in the system, enrollment will end and not re-open until for a few months. This will allow us to hone the features and make sure the user experience is rock solid.

2- Save Big

As an early adopter, you will be charged $99 per month for the first year. Once the platform is open to unlimited number of users, the monthly fee will vary between $125 and $150 depending on the features chosen. By adopting early, you save big.

3- Take the short, online course.

Our short course will expose you to the Live Fused platform and principles behind Live Fused.You’ll learn about the psychology behind the 12-quarter strategic planning features and receive a Live Fused certified button to place on your own web site.

4- Have a quick phone interview.

I’d like to know who you are and understand how you are serving your Vistage members. This quick phone call will help us both get acquainted and get you up and running on the platform quickly.


Don’t hesitate, there’s nothing to lose by joining our beta program and so much to gain!  You’ll Get

  • Access to the Live Fused portal.
  • If you have a coaching practice outside of Vistage, you can also get a Live Fused coaches page that can link directly to your own web site and be listed on this site. See these two sites as examples: Peter C. Fuller;  Kristina Perry. Pages cost just $500.
  • Unlimited number of member licenses –add as many members as you want to as many groups as you have.
  • Licensing of the Live Fused strategic planning curriculum, materials for yourself and your members.
  • The Live Fused certified badge to place your site.
  • Free customer support.